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Attract New Patients with Professional  Social Media ads, Digital Ads, and more!

If you need ads for Social Media promotions, your own emails for prospective buyers, Google/Bing ads, or any digital marketing you think you need, AF Media Solutions can make that ad possible for you.

More and more people are using Social Media for everting, so it is natural for dental practices to use ads to promote themselves. Ads can come in many forms (e.g., text, image, and video). And they all have the same purpose: to get the word out about your dental practice.

$50/ ad

Call or Text for more information: 847-527-9363

My name is Ernesto, and I am here to help you get more patients.

Ernesto Martinez-Ordaz
Sample 4 - FB Post 2.png
Sample 1 - FB post.png

For $50 per ad, this is what I need form you:

  • Your dental practice's website address

  • A special service/promotion

  • Image and video files for one price.

I can text or email a high quality ad back to you within 30 minutes. This is something you can use on your own website, social media, or your own email campaigns.

Only for $50 per ad.

Accepting online payments only. 

AF Media can create ads for:

  • Social media

  • Email campaigns*

  • Any platform

  • High-res images

  • Any shape

  • Google and Bing

*Let's talk! AF Media can also help you with monthly email campaigns of up to 3,000 sends / month for an additional fee

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More samples:

Sample 3 - FB Ad.png
Sample 2 - FB cover.png

Bilingual in English and Spanish


Call or Text for more information: 847-527-9363

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